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"If you are looking for a professional, Tamas is the one. You will get much more from him than you would think."

Andras Banhidy


Tamas Bodzsar

Songwriter, Music Producer


Custom Music Production

Elevate your tracks with cutting-edge beats and flawless production. If you already have a song idea (melody + chord progression), you will receive a fully arranged and produced song.


Get a unique combination of melody and chord progression, based on the analysis of 2000+ hit songs.

Mixing and Mastering

Crystal clear vocals and powerful instrumentals, your music will be mixed and mastered to today's standards.

Music Marketing

Get your music heard by potential fans on Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram with advanced online marketing techniques.

About Me

I'm studying music for 32 years now, since the age of 8. (Yes, still improving my knowledge.) I've done Classical music, Jazz, Cuban music, and I mostly write and produce Pop music today.

For the past 5 years, I analyzed more than 2000 successful songs, and revealed a lot of overlooked songwriting tools that help me write effective and memorable songs.

I was also in the Finals at the International Songwriting Competition twice, where only the top 2% of songwriters get.


  • What services do you offer?
    Music Production/Arrangement, Mixing & Mastering, and Songwriting (lyrics, melody, chord progression).
  • How many revisions are included for production and mixing?
    We work on the song until you are 100% happy with it.
  • How long have you been in the business?
    I've been studying music for 32 years now (and still learning new stuff), starting at the age of 8. I played live concerts for 20 years, managed my own band, and now I focus exclusively on writing and producing songs for other artists.
  • Can you add real instruments if necessary?
    I primarily work with virtual instruments and synths, but yes, I can hire session musicians if needed.
  • How long does it take you to produce and mix a song?
    I work relatively fast, compared to what I experienced from other producers or engineers. It typically takes me about 5 to 7 days to produce and mix a song (depending on the complexity of the arrangement and the number of instruments), but I like to work on it until everyone is 100% happy with it.
  • What's your workflow?
    We start by discussing your vision for the song and you can send me a demo. Then, I create a first draft of the arrangement and send it to you for recording your vocals. Once I receive your vocal tracks, I proceed with finalizing the mixing and mastering.
  • What type of music you make?
    I'm comfortable with almost any genre or style. I make EDM-influenced pop songs nowadays, and study what's popular on Spotify, but I studied Classical music, Jazz, and even traditional Cuban music.
  • Where are you based?
    I’m based in Europe (Budapest, Hungary), I typically work remotely with artists, which has been a smooth process so far.

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