The Hidden System Behind Successful Songs and It’s Not About Melody, Chords, or Key… but Rhythm.

This Rhythm System Helps You Write Better Songs, Faster

“You are the only person that I have found online that has dissected the importance of rhythm. Very powerful knowledge that a lot of people are blind to.”

- Christian K


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This is how the PROS are able to make their songs sound so good

It’s true.

When it comes to songwriting rhythm is always overlooked.

Everyone talks about melody, chord progressions, bass lines…

But if you think about it, some of the greatest songs in the world all have ONE trait in common.

They all just make you move.

They have that feeling, that groove that gets into your ears and your veins.

This is why rhythm is one of the most important aspects in songwriting.

And all musicians, producers and songwriters should know how to make a huge impact on their songs through rhythm in the right way.

In fact, what the pros use to make their songs sound so good is a specific rhythm system… even though they might not be aware of it.

And this is what I call the Rhythm Code.

The Rhythm Code is the hidden system that FINALLY helps songwriters understand what makes a good rhythm.

It helped me get my very first song viral, receiving messages from more than 50 countries.

And it is used in all genres across the globe: pop, rock, jazz, EDM, country, funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Latin.

ALL top producers and songwriters use this secret system

Just to name a few:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Ariana Grande
  • Max Martin
  • Adele
  • Michael Jackson
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Coldplay
  • Jamiroquai
  • Beyoncé
  • Kygo
  • Pharrell Williams
  • James Brown

They all use the Rhythm Code in their songs.

And do you know why?

Because even though rhythm is not the only thing that makes a great song…

… using the right rhythm has a HUGE IMPACT on the quality of your music.

I see it every time with my own songs.

I also see it when my production clients and students apply The Rhythm Code.

And this happens because rhythm is not only in drums and percussions.

Rhythm is everywhere, also in melodies and bass lines, for instance.

With good rhythm you get better drumbeats, better bass lines, better arrangements…

With good rhythm all the other pieces follow… and the whole song gets better.

In fact, once I figured out the right rhythm system, I was able to get my very first song viral

… and see new Youtube videos of people dancing to my song.

That’s why I am confident that after learning the Rhythm Code, you will have a solid and cohesive system to compose, analyze, and understand rhythms.

And be able to boost your speed and help you to compose better, more original songs.

And you’ll be able to do it faster.

The beautiful thing? This system is versatile and flexible.

It’s not a copy-paste pattern, but a system that you can apply to every genre.

But how do I know The Rhythm Code is the hidden system behind successful songs?

Believe it or not, Cuban music made me find this system.

Let me explain.

See, I started studying music when I was 8 years old.

For 13 years I studied classical and jazz music.

But only around 2004 I stumbled into Cuban music and I decided to dig deep.

I transcribed dozens of songs to understand the groove of that genre.

I analyzed the drums, bass and piano parts, trying to find common patterns.

The end result was a complete theory and “rhythmical map”.

But then…

… after a while I realized that the map I had created did not just apply to Cuban music… but to all genres.

All the most famous and successful songs were using The Rhythm Code.

And that code is what made my very first release go viral.

I began receiving messages from all around the world, from more than 50 countries… from Peru to Japan.

New videos began to pop up on Youtube where people were dancing to my song.

I also submitted it to the International Songwriting Competition, where among 80,000 songwriters I made it to the finals, where only the top 2% of the songwriters get.

So, my song ended up being better than 98% of the other songs competing.

Since then, I have spent the past 7 years studying successful songs, and analyzing how the top songwriters and producers create their music.

Hi, I'm Tamas, author of The Rhythm Code, producer, songwriter and songwriting coach

You can find the complete system in this book, The Rhythm Code…

nothing held back.

And you can use it for just $7

More than 10,000 people from 139 countries have already learned this rhythm system and improved their songwriting.

Many of them said that this price is cheap for the value they get from the content.

But honestly, I don’t care.

I just want to give people value and help them get better at songwriting with something no one teaches.

So get the book format you prefer down here, and you’ll be brought to a checkout page.

What You Will Find Inside

  • MIDI and MP3 files for each example in the book.
  • Dozens of examples of the Rhythm Code in successful songs
  • What actually is rhythm? (NOT what they teach you in music school)
  • What many expert musicians don’t know about upbeats and downbeats for the groove of your song
  • The new concept of “stop” in rhythm that no one taught yet
  • How this rhythm system can be so flexible and versatile 
  • The visual method you should use to analyze rhythm (it’s different from traditional sheet music)
  • How to use rhythmic anticipations to make your song sound better
  • How to develop a groove
  • 5 simple guidelines to use The Rhythm Code to create songs
  • How to apply The Rhythm Code to tonality (The Tonality Code)

… and much more.

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Money-Back Guarantee

I understand you might not be sure now, that’s why I decided to make it very easy for you.

Either you are totally happy with the book or I’ll give your money back.

No questions asked.

And you have ONE FULL YEAR to decide.

Here’s the thing…

The Rhythm Code is not a "promotional" book, it’s the real deal.

128 pages of pure content. The whole system, nothing held back.

It contains 100% of the knowledge about how you can create better music through better rhythm.

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason you deserve all your money back.

So in that case you will just need to send a quick email to and my team will send you a full refund for your book purchase.


Thousands of people from 90 countries improved their songwriting through the Rhythm Code - these are some of the results they got

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